Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a good restaurant

I have a friend who has a restaurant in the old town. It's on Calle Sopranis. Its name is La Rayuela.  The chef is Colombian. He worked in London before he came to Cádiz. The food in his restaurant is interesting. It comes from all over Latin America. He serves Argentinian beef, Colombian rice and beans and my favourite dish is the ceviche - from Peru, Chile and Ecuador. The restaurant has a small terrace outside if you want to eat in the sun.  Or you can eat inside if you prefer.  It's a very friendly restaurant. I really recommend it!


  1. Ooooooh Ceviche. You will have to try mine Ceri. Not sure ceviche is bun run type food though! Sounds lush. I shall be going soon and it's just a la vuelta de la esquina. What's your friend's name?

    I have a blog too. Not and English one but nevertheless...if you get bored. I write sporadically...only when inspired : www.pieandgravy.wordpress.com

    1. Hi Danni! Thanks for calling by :)
      I would love to try your ceviche!
      The chef's name is Alberto - say hi to him from me.
      Going over now for a taste of pie and gravy.

  2. La Rambla on Calle Sopranis has very good home cooking. We recommend the octopus Galician style